BladderTone by Tagiwig


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BladderTone by Tagiwig

Urinary incontinence in dogs and cats

Incontinence in Dogs and Cats

For urinary incontinence in Dogs and Cats, our BladderTone is a homeopathic blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of a cat or dog suffering from urinary incontinence problems.

Many animals suffer from urinary incontinence, which can be caused or recognised as spay incontinence, hormonal, obesity, or just old age. It affects mostly females, and the most common cause is the weakening of the sphincter muscles of the bladder. BladderTone has had much success in assisting an animal with this condition. It also has helped male dogs with leakage problems.

If there is excessive urination, urine is blood coloured, your pet is drinking excessive water, or you are worried about your pet. You should seek veterinarian advice, as it may be another more serious health issue.

BladderTone comes in a liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer.

It can be put straight into the mouth of the animal, making sure not to contaminate the dripper. You can do this by adding the drops to a teaspoon, lifting the lip, and place in the mouth. But we realise this is not always an option; you can add drops to their food.

Dosage: 4 drops 2-3 times daily for up to 7 days.

How long will a 25ml bottle last: (based on seven days as one course)

Dog & Cat: 4.5 courses per bottle

All instructions are on the bottle.

Homeopathic ingredients:

  • Causticum, Damania, Equestium, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Sepia
  • Preserved in a mild alcohol base. Alcohol / Spring water

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