Company of Animals – Treat Bag


Treat Bag

The Company of Animals Treat Bag is perfect for everyday walks and training. It has a good-sized treat compartment and can also hold other training accessories, like clickers, whistles and target sticks.

Great for rewarding
The generous treat compartment can hold all your dog’s treats and snacks, so it’s quick and easy to reward that perfect recall, or just how cute they are!

With a magnetic and drawstring closure, your treats won’t fall out or be pinched by your furry friend. There’s also a separate zipped pocket in this dog treat bag which is perfect for money or keys and a handy attachment for your waistband or belt too.

For all your accessories
There are specially designed pockets and holders for all your training tools, including whistles, clickers and target sticks. There’s even somewhere to store your poo bags too!

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