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KONG Blue is made of radiopaque rubber that offers a unique combination of tensile strength, superior elongation and puncture resistance. Kong Blue toys are uniquely shaped and extraordinarily durable. Their unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into an ongoing game of chase, catch and chew. They can be filled with food or treats to keep dogs busy for hours and help relieve separation anxiety.

Sizing tip: If your dog destroys a KONG in a short period of time, switch to a larger size. Regular use of a KONG toy will strengthen a dog’s jaw muscles and you may need to size up periodically.


Blue KONG™ toys are 25% stronger than the other Red KONG™ toys normally found in pet shops (in excess of 3800 psi). They can also be stretched up to 9 times their original length and they’re highly puncture resistant. Blue KONG™ dog toys are made from non toxic, not-abrasive and non-splintering natural rubber. But, the best part about the Blue KONG™ is they’re radiopaque which means if your dog is able to swallow a piece of this toy, the special material will clearly show up on an X-ray. Something most other rubber toys can’t do.

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