Travel by Tagiwig

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Travel by Tagiwig

Travel sickness and associated anxiety in cats and dogs

Travel is a natural homeopathic blend explicitly designed to support the immune response of an animal suffering from travel sickness complaints and associated anxiety.

Travel works on the motion sickness side of travelling and the mental/emotional side that induces anxiety and hysteria in animals. So it is excellent to give it before a car trip or any situation that causes the symptoms of motion sickness.

All our remedies are designed and developed by a qualified Animal Homeopath.

Travel comes in a liquid form; this is the easiest way to administer it to animals. It can be put straight into the mouth of the animal, making sure not to contaminate the dripper. You can do this by adding the drops to a teaspoon, lifting the lip, and place in the mouth. But we realise this is not always an option. So you can add the drops to their food, which is just as effective.

  • Dosage: 4 drops every 15 minutes for 3 doses before travel.
  • How long will a 25ml bottle last: (based on the above as 1 course)
  • Cats and Dogs: 31 courses per bottle
  • All instructions are on the bottle.

Homeopathic Ingredients

  • Cocculus, Ignatia, Petroleum and Tabacum

Preserved in a mild alcohol base.  Alcohol / Spring

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