It’s where your best friend would shop!

A family of cats, dogs and humans that test all our pet products so you don’t have to!

Tried. Tested. Honest. Reliable.

We are Stephen & Jane and together with our dogs, Lucy, Baillie, and Piper and our cats Lil’Puss, Hamish and Charlie – we are Felix’n’Fido.

We are Wellington-based and huge supporters of local and national animal-based charities, and as our quantity of product testers proves, we are suckers for a rescue pet of our own!

Our beautiful chocolate Labrador Baillie was the inspiration behind starting Felix & Fido.

Adopting her at only 10 months and needing a constant stream of chew toys to keep her from destroying the couch & our shoes – we quickly found a gap in the market for a reputable, tried and tested pet-product supplier. Especially when Baillie would chew through a $40 toy in a matter of minutes…

Now, every dog toy we stock has been tested by both Baillie and her siblings Lucy & Piper, along with every cat toy being trialled by Charlie, Lil’Puss and Hamish. Through their rigorous testing practices, we can make honest and reliable recommendations for our customers.

Owning a Pet shouldn’t cost the Earth

We absolutely love it when customers ask for our personal recommendations and we always endeavour to help people find the best toys and products for their pets – the first time!

Owning a pet shouldn’t cost the earth, not only from a value-for-money perspective but through our manufacturers implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to create quality, lasting pet products.

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