HALTI Optifit

The HALTI OptiFit Headcollar works in the same steering motion as the HALTI Headcollar to stop pulling during walks. However, the OptiFit has additional features to ensure a fit for all types of dogs, whether they have a short nose or a long nose. The OptiFit has an adjustable chin strap and self- adapting cheek straps to stop the headcollar rising up towards the dog’s eyes. Available in 3 sizes.

The Halti OptiFit is a premium headcollar designed to provide a flawless fit while putting a stop all that pulling and tugging excited pups are known for when out for a walk. Headcollars are a gentle way to direct your dog’s head, steering him into desired positions. The OptiFit is specially designed to fit dogs that other headcollars don’t – from short nosed Boxers to long nosed Greyhounds. With a self-adjusting chin strap and unique, reflective cheek straps which follow the contours of a dog’s face, it won’t bother his eyes or slide down to his mouth.

Key Benefits

  • Unique design gently directs your dog’s head, steering him into desired positions.
  • Comprised of a self-adjusting chin strap and reflective cheek straps that follows the contours of your dog’s face.
  • Fits dogs that other headcollars don’t, including short and long nosed breeds.
  • Provides maximum comfort and optimum fit no matter what shape or size.
  • Can be used as a passive means to stop dogs pulling or as an active training aid.

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