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Not just a ball! This is a toy that you and your dog are going to love! LIKER’s unique material combines the best properties of dog toys from different materials (rubber, plastic, nylon, and cotton).

LIKER is lightweight and durable. Easy to throw the ball, LIKER’s uniquely designed shape, causes it to change its flight direction slightly and makes the game interactive and exciting for dogs. It can’t break windows or knock objects over, unlike a heavy tennis ball.

Water games will be more interesting. LIKER does not sink and it is almost entirely above the water surface.

The unique material LIKER is made from is non-toxic; it can be easily bitten and it does not hurt your dogs teeth and gums. You and your dog can not be hurt by the ball because the material is elastic, but soft. If your LIKER gets dirty it’s easily washed. The dirt does not linger on its surface. It means that bacteria will not get into the dog’s mouth.


  • Lightweight – easy to bite – dogs like it! Easily flies, jumps and rolls
  • Harmless – Perfect for dog jaws — soft for dog teeth and gums
  • Floats – Floats on the water surface. Well seen from the shore
  • Unique Material – Light and durable. The dog can bite it through


  • LIKER 5 (Small) – 5cm
  • LIKER 7 (Medium) – 7cm
  • LIKER 9 (Large) – 9cm

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